Zindagi ka safar

It’s all about zindagi ka safar from my point of view..


”  Zindagi ka safar hai,manzilo ka mukam.

    Sang tere chale,yeh sapno ke dukan.


    Chalte -Chalte kahe,ruk na jae tu.


     Dhood lea,tu apne rehne ka makaan..


Kashmir mere nazar se

Kashmir:”The Heaven on the Earth”..

I was in womb of my mother,when my whole family migrate to Jammu from Kashmir.I was unaware about the whole scenario,yet i can feel it now,i can understand the pain of leaving our motherland, i can feel ……. i can.. Because now , i ‘m living far miles away from my home.

Going back to memories of my childhood, i haven’t seen Kashmir that time ,even i didn’t have any pictures of homeland of my ancestors. We didn’t have t.v at that time,so i was totally unaware about it. My Granny always used to narrate us, stories relate to her time @ kashmir.. Sometimes i got confused..!!! Why everyone here , are talking about kashmir…..Why…..??kashmir is soo much important for my family.. Even i used to ask this question…:Kashmir kya hai?? Voh koi insaan hai,ya koi bird hai ……………?? Kya koi jagah hai…..Kya hai yeh kashmir…………….???

When i grew up, some deadly incidents relate to kashmir starts coming across my mind..Killings of innocent Kashmiri Pandits ,destroying their tradition etc…One of such incident still is fresh in my mind: In that their was a family of 20 members ,militants killed all expect one.That guy hid himself ,using grass all over his body.This news was publish in t.v show ANKHO DEKHI. That time , i decided that ,if some day militants will attack my home.,i will do the same thing.

LIFE was not so easy for Kashmiri Pandits,i was lucky that my Grand father had bulit a shelter for us .But i had seen the worsed condition’s, 6-7 family member’s have to stay together at single Oval -shaped quaters with no basic facilities even not a kitchen , bathroom.During a trip of former President Of India,DR A.P.J ABDUL KALAM.

At that time,he just took a look of these quarters ,was totally shocked!……… “Idhar insaan rehte hai ya janwar..”?

Some times my Dad share his experience with me.He used to say, “kashmir pehchan hai hum pandito ke, bhaut kuch diya hai kashmir ne -dost.Kaise bhul jae, apne bachpan se judi yaado ko”.He had well establish business there, for years.Really still my dad miss that time.

All of my counsins were born at kashmir.But no one was lucky to have trip back to their home town.Among them God selected me….. I still remember that time .It was month of june my relatives were going to kashmir,i had vacation ,so they invited me and my answer was a big No.I simply say out..:I don’t want to go because i don’t want to lose my life there. But the ultimate pressure from family turn my no to yes.On the way to kashmir , i check out a huge crowd of people.I paused myself a second (lagta hai, khud se pyar nahe karte ,tabhi marne ja rahe hai………..).But when i crossed Jawahar lal Tunnel. I was shocked.Simply a road to heaven was there.Green atmosphere plus kesar garden, presents a film of Yash Raj Chopra infront of me. Dal lake,Nehru park,Nishant garden ,House boat ,Pari mahal .

But among all,the place which changes my concept regarding to kashmir was:TULMUL TEMPLE. Here,i found out that i belong to one of the most beautiful culture, which directly connects oneself with GOD..

I met myself there.At last few lines from a song sung by Shabeena Azad-

“kashmir mera jannate kashmir….valu badlu panun takdeer….. O! O! Panun Kashmir“.

Will come back soon…This time will visit my native town Shopian .Want to taste apple from gardens which belongs to my ancestor..

student life

Being a student is not a easy job  . All time you need to face new competition ,new tasks , new atmosphere. Sometimes conditions are favorable , sometimes unfavorable. Sometimes you lost yourself , sometimes  you meet yourself.. Students are creators of new society .